Dale Dyer, RealtorMoving day should be an exciting day for you and your family but more and more we are hearing about unscrupulous people surfacing and turning that day into a horror day. We’re talking about “the Movers from Hell”. You might have had an experience with one of them and we would like to give you a heads up on what to expect and what to look for.
You should know that there are no governing body when it comes to movers. Unlike Realtors who risk losing their license if they do not adhere to a strict code of conduct, movers are basically subject to their own rules but there are some standards set by the better companies.  You can find reputable movers through the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) and your local Better Business Bureau. Our friends at AMJ Campbell Western Ontario for example, have told us that they normally offer to move 1000lb of your goods with 3 movers and 1 hour time, the basic industry standard. Depending how much stuff and furniture you have will determine poundage and time that it takes to move it out and move it in to your new place. A straight truck 26′ will only hold 12,000 lbs. and if you have lots of furniture that will probably be too small. A large tractor-trailer holds 32,000lbs which would pretty well hold everything from a two storey home. (For most people anyways). 
A reputable mover will come to your home – at no charge and do a visual inspection and an inventory of your home – considering the access and your personal items to be moved for a more accurate quote. Some of them even have electronic tools to help them quote a job more effectively and accurately. If the company doesn’t come on site to see your stuff – don’t use them. Over the phone prices can change and leaves room for abuse.  
We “HIGHLY” recommend that you get a written quote/estimate and inventory well ahead of moving day so that you can read all the fine prints. Be sure to read the quote thoroughly and inquire about anything you might not understand.
You should know that the competition is fierce out there when it comes to movers – companies will low ball each other based on incomplete inventory to get the job – but you could incur a multitude of hidden costs such as extra charges for stairs, elevators, awkward or large pieces of furniture over 50 or 100 lbs. 
There have even been cases of furniture hijacking.  Programs such as W5, Market Place, 20/20 have exposed crooks in many of their TV shows.  It’s not just in the states but also here in many communities in Canada. These companies inflated the bill in the middle or at the end of the move and when the folks moving refused to pay anymore, the company locked up the truck and took the furniture into storage until the bill was paid in full. Others have seen their belongings unloaded on the side-walk and/or the front lawn. Do your homework well in advance.
Moving locally you will incur the cost of the time that it takes to move and the travel time. For long distance moves you will have the weight and mileage as the determining factors based on regulated Tariff costs. You should ask for proof of insurance in case of damages. A minimal deposit is usually required before moving day. You should also check other customers’ comments on the company’s website or ask for references from past clients.  A company that works with pride and integrity will not hesitate to give them to you.

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