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If you’re not planning on going away for Christmas, and you will be hosting friends and family over,  here are some tips to help you prepare your home.

Sniff! Sniff! Sniff! – the first thing that folks will notice when they come in  your house are the smells that linger and are accentuated when you go from the cold outdoor to the warm indoor. Here’s an easy trick to get that warm, home sense into your home. I call it ‘Stove Top Pot Potpourri’. On top of the stove using a small pot simmer a couple of cups of water with cinnamon sticks, a sliced apple, a sliced orange and a teaspoon of vanilla.  Keep it on low and simmer for an hour before your guests arrive. You can repeat as needed throughout the day to keep the fragrance around. Keep adding water to the pot as it evaporates. Scented candles can also be a great addition to add a pretty smell but if you have small children you will want to be careful and put the candles at a height that the children cannot reach. If you burn them in short spurts and not lengthy period they won’t overtake your home. You don’t want the smells to make anyone gag because they are too strong. You just want a light fragrance. If you or your guests are allergic to fragrance stick to the ‘Stove Top Potpourri’ because that is all natural.

Home Decor – you don’t have to go overboard with the decorations. Remember sometimes too much is just that. If you have a fireplace, a clean but well-appointed mantle will do the trick. It doesn’t have to be expensive to look good. Few greenery, stockings, something sparkly like pretty bulbs in a vase will add to the ambiance. The tree of course will be the focus point if it’s in the same room. If you don’t have a fireplace and you subscribe to Rogers or have Netflix you can put on the fireplace on your TV screen. It all comes with sound effect too. Display some of the kids Christmas crafts on the fridge but make sure it’s just Christmas and remove the drawings and the magnets that are not Holidays related. You can put them back after the Holidays. You can also frame family Christmas cards to decorate the staircase with a pretty green garland and some red bows or ribbons. And finally a nice big wreath on your front door and you will impress your guests and make them feel welcome.

Before you leave the House – if you are going out to someone else’s home be sure to unplug the tree or any other Christmas lights that you might have indoor. Blow out any candles that you might have lit and remember to check the potpourri pot on top of the stove and turn the key off. If you have pets, especially cats keep them out of reach of the tree. Kitties seem to like clawing the wood on real trees or even climbing it. That could be disastrous. Leave an outside light and an inside lamp on so that it looks like the home is not totally deserted, especially before Christmas, to thwart off any would be thieves.

Enjoy the Holidays and Be Safe.

Now is the time to start thinking about selling your home and get it prepped. We’ll talk about that more in the new year but in the mean time if you would like to know where you should start give me a call and we’ll get you going with the basics. To get a FREE Home Evaluation choose one of the link below     or


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