Sellers Common Mistakes

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Sellers
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Sell Your Home with Dale Dyer

Selling your home can be a big stressor and anything that cuts into your profit could add even more stress. Are you going to fall for the sale tactics that produce little results or are you going to have a stress free and satisfying sale transaction? That all depends on you.

There are many mistakes made by sellers that could be avoided if they could hear good, no-nonsense Real Estate Counselling. Many home sellers have no clue as to what makes the selling price of a home. Because you have invested tons of money on your home doesn’t mean that a buyer is willing to pay for your updates. Especially if they are over the top.  A re-financing appraisal is not the same as a Market Value and your Realtor should show you the difference. Your first mistake to avoid is over pricing your home. There are many factors that will affect your price based on the amenities in your home and you should not compare that to those in your neighbour’s home. Every home has key factors that could affect its pricing. An experienced Realtor will be able to explain how this is achieve. Overpricing will cause many buyers to overlook your home. Selling your home is a major financial decision and a professional, experienced Realtor will know how to get you the most for your home in the quickest time possible. Even though he has no control on the time that it takes to sell a home, his insights, buyers and other Realtor contacts along with his negotiation skills will play a major role in the sale of your home.

Knowing your rights and your responsibilities for what you are signing will help greatly so before you sign make sure you get it well explained and know what the fine prints say.

When you put your house for sale you will know that a lot of lookers will want to see your home. But it doesn’t mean that they are all interested in buying. Some are just testing to see what’s out there and how much homes are going for. A lot of times you’ll get neighbours to look at your home because they want to house compare with their own home. Which is not all bad because one will tell someone else, who will tell someone else. The word of mouth is powerful. Just make sure your home shows at its best and the right buyer will come forth.

Another mistake that many sellers make is limiting the marketing and advertising of their property. The two most obvious marketing tools are open houses and classified ads. You should know however, that these are the least effective methods to sell a home. Less than 1% of homes are sold at open houses and less than 3% are sold due to an advertised ad. Most sellers insist on these because they like to see their homes in light but honestly it doesn’t work.  A Realtor’s past clients, contacts and other Realtors will be his best source of buyers. He will employ a wide variety of proven marketing techniques to sell your home. Choosing a tech savvy Realtor in this day and age will help in the sale of your home because results today are not obtained as they were years ago. What worked then, doesn’t work now.

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