One of the most unpredictable damage that can occur to your home is most likely water damages. Whether it is from a broken pipe, a leaky washing machine, a flood during snow thaw or a massive rain downpour, water damages can be costly and affect the value of your home not to mention the health hazard caused by potential mold formation or odor and pest problems.

An ounce of prevention is your best defence against some of these damages.

You should perform a yearly inspection of the hoses on your dishwasher and washing machine to verify for cracks and small leaks and repair them as soon as possible to avoid damages to flooring and ceilings depending on your appliances location.

You should also check the supply-line for the icemaker in your fridge if you have one for similar things. Another big culprit subject to leaks is the water heater especially after several years of use. The bottom of the tank can rust out and leak. If you rent it you should check with the company as to any maintenance contract provision on the rental. An overflow valve should be installed and conduct the leaking water to either a drain or outside. An air conditioning unit, humidifier and dehumidifier should also be checked. It would also be a wise time invested if you checked the sump pump to make sure it is in good working condition to avoid a basement flood.
Some leakages are not so easily discerned such as pipes that are inside the walls or between flooring. An infrared scanner can help to detect signs of moisture and should be addressed immediately if found by calling a specialist.

Make sure that the gutters and downspouts of your home are free from debris and that the water flows away from the foundation of your home. And while you’re up on the ladder checking the gutters take a visual look at the roof to make sure there are no missing or broken tiles. You will want to replace them as soon as warm enough weather settles in before a major thaw.

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