Have you ever wondered where the folks who promoted the “best customer service” have gone. Now a day it doesn’t matter where you call you will get an answering machine or some kind of recording. Just try calling a government office for fun. You can travel in the menu by pushing 1, 2, 3 and # key for hours on end. Cheap way to travel I guess. But seriously where has the personal customer service gone?

I’ve read many articles lately but what really captures my attention are the comments at the bottom of the articles. I like to read and see what people think. It amazes me when I read something about real estate how many folks have such misunderstanding of what Realtor really do. All they see is the “big money” we make (chuckle! choke! cough!). I’d like to discuss some of these for you.


First, I’d like to ask you a question. Who would you say gives the biggest tip at a bar?

 If you ask the bartender he’ll most likely say other bartenders. And the same could probably be said of waiters and waitresses at any restaurants. They know what it is like to deal with the public. Not always rosy. With all the technology it’s easy to get lost in the websites and the .com arenas. In some industry technology has erased the human element. Ticket agents are replaced by kiosks, cashiers by self-check out, switchboard operators by recorded messages. Most of us appreciate technology and what it has accomplished but on the other hand it will never replace the people who have put the “real” in Real Estate.

Real Estate Professionals know that Buying or Selling a home is not only an enormous financial decision, but it is one peppered with emotions, good or bad. On any given day a Real Estate agent becomes a consultant, a confidant and a therapist.

As Realtor we have the fiduciary duty to represent the Buyers or Sellers to their best interests.  Notice I said “their” best interest and not our best interest. Contracts are signed to represent the public and to protect them from shyster that unfortunately infiltrate many industries. Whether you sell bicycles, candies, newspapers or homes doesn’t matter. If your goal is to trick others in purchasing you have broken the rules and should be removed from practicing. Realtors uphold strict standards that are monitored by regulatory bodies and if you don’t follow the codes you are subject to losing your license the same way a lawyer or doctor would for malpractice. That’s a heavy load and it carries a lot of weight for agents to do what is right. Unfortunately some still choose not to.

Now about the money part. Do you know that the average yearly gross income of a real estate agent in Ontario is $39,915. However, there are some very successful agents earning much more than the average; naturally, many therefore earn much less.

Realtor also have to upgrade their skills and must be enrolled in continuing education as long as they are licensed. How would you like to be in school for the rest of your working life?

So, I say to those who will still comment about us that if you want to make the big bucks to get your Real Estate license and try it out for a while and see how much you’ll make. Bet after that you’ll become the biggest tipper ever.

As Paul Harvey used to say: “And now you know the rest of the story!”

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