Showcasing your home for its most potential is no small task but the rewards are so satisfying.

You have probably heard it said that curb appeal was a priority well pay close attention because it is. If the buyers don’t like what they see on the outside they will probably not want to go inside. Or they will have a preconceived idea that will carry through the rest of the viewing of your home. Even if the rest is well done. The first impression is a make it or break it.

A cluttered, crazed kitchen will kill the buyer’s love in a dash. To most women the kitchen could make the difference between a ‘must have’ or a platonic ”pass’. Mind you that it’s not just women as more and more men look at the kitchen as the room where master chefs are created. So get inspired by home trend magazines and update the kitchen to have the “now in” look. Cut the clutter as this is a number one turn off for buyers. Get inspired by easy but worthy touches such as a bowl of colourful fruits and fresh flowers.

Amazing enough a lot of buyers pay close attention to the master bedroom and en-suite. This is their private sanctuary where they recharge and sleep their troubles away. Make it warm, inviting and cozy. The larger it looks the better so ease off on gargantuan bedroom furniture. Let the light in by pulling open the curtains or the blinds. Present the walk in closet with walk-in space and not packed with clutter on the floor or on the  top shelf. That’s why they are called walk-in closets. Clear away dressers and night stands from piles of personal items and clutter. Clean, simple and minimalist decor works well for the master bedroom. If you have an en-suite give it that spa-like ambiance. Check the magazines and get ideas of what enhances it such as puffy white towels nicely folded, sparkling clean sinks, toilet, tub and shower.  As much as you like the seat cover and matching rug, get rid of them while you’re trying to sell your home as they give buyers the idea that your home is old-fashioned. You might like the cutesy signs and craft toilet paper holder but to most buyers those are distracting. Remember you want a spa like atmosphere and you would not find those items in a spa. Even if  your home is an older home you can still achieve that atmosphere with matching white towel and face cloth and a few pretty soaps or elegant hand lotion bottles. And don’t forget to close the toilet lid for showings.

The next room that you will want to pay close attention to is the living room. You want to show off the living room to buyers that your home is intended for. If your home is perfect for young first time buyers then emphasized the space where they can invite all of their friends.  On the other side, if your home is great for a growing family, make sure you show off important family features like storage.

Overall these are the most important rooms that will influence the sale of your home. Make sure that you are presenting them in the best of light and to accomplish the goal of selling your home in the least amount of time and for the most money.




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