Doesn’t it seem that when you just dust off the furniture a couple of  hours later it looks like you haven’t dusted at all? If you have dark furniture you will notice it even more. How can you get rid of this bothersome pest called ‘dust’? With great difficulties because dust particles are everywhere in our atmosphere. But for some folks it is more than a pest it is a cause of suffering with asthma, allergies and other breathing problems which can compromise their lifestyle and quality of life. You can however minimize the amount of dust in your home by making some small changes which will make a world of difference in the air quality of your home.

It’s all about the Carpet

If you are able to forgo the carpet you will notice a great difference right there. Dust just love the fibers of carpeting and every time you step on it the dust releases into the air. Products such as hardwood, stone or tile are good choices but don’t forgo a quality laminate or linoleum if price is an issue. There are so many new kinds on the market you should be able to find something to fit your decor and your budget. These are much easier to maintain and keep clean.

Wet Dust Can’t Fly

There is something to be said for the power of water especially when dusting or mopping. A simple damp cloth can pick up an enormous amount of dust from furniture. The same goes for a wet mop for the flooring. Wet dust can’t fly therefore reducing the amount of dust that gets pushed around and lands on the coffee table within the hour. Make sure to use fiber type cloth and not paper towels. For fine wood furniture use a well wrung damp cloth followed by a dry cloth to wipe off any moisture that could damage or mark the wood.

Zap the Static

The static electricity in your home can actually attract more dust. When your home is very dry like in the winter months you should look at using a humidifier to add moisture to the air and minimize dust. Remember wet dust can’t fly so if you add moisture to the air the dust will fall to the ground where it can be easily be damp mopped. Air purifiers can also help to reduce the dust.

 The Power of the Vacuum

Vacuuming your home every other day will make a major difference in the battle against dust. While you’re at it why not vacuum the upholstery from the furniture once a week to maximize the elimination of dust. A vacuum with a HEPA filter to trap small particles of dirt will go a long way and help freshen the air. Even though the bagless style vacuum cleaners are quite popular I prefer the bag vacuum as they capture more dust and you don’t have to handle any containers full of dust with your bare hands. Make sure you change the bag every couple of months.

Minimize the Strays

A lot of dust comes from the fibers of cotton and polyester found in our clothing. A simple solution is to store clothes in garment bags or even in space-saving, vacuum seal bags. Both will help in reducing the dust that flies around your house.

Keep the Pooch

Pets can be a major cause in the dust warfare as dead skin and hair find their way unto them! Make sure to groom them regularly to keep dead skin and hair from accumulating. Your cat or dog will also love you for it. Use a covered litter box to help lower the dust flying around.

Windows to fresh air

Some experts recommend keeping the windows close to avoid increasing the amount of dust in your  home but others suggest that the residues of flame-retardant chemicals in essentials like mattresses and TVs were showing up in household dust and with these particles being linked to cancer causing agent it was highly recommended to air out the home on a regular basis. Some fresh air might not eliminate dust but will give you a sense of well-being.

Change the Furnace Filters

Furnace filters are an inexpensive means of cleaning the air and preventing dust from blowing back throughout the house. Change them often especially in the winter months.

Get Rid of Dust Collectors

You know the nick-knacks that sit on the shelves that you barely look at or never use are major dust collectors. They need your attention too and must be washed and dusted regularly. Keep them to a minimum and it will make your cleaning job easier.  Less is always best when fighting the dust.

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