When it comes to exterior house painting there are a few things to keep in mind before slathering that first coat on. Picking the perfect colour for the exterior of your home requires a few tips. Your paint choice can transform your home into a dream home or a neighbourhood nightmare. Fortunately there is no shortage of shade from which to choose from. Here’s what you need to know to help you make that choice:

Take the curb appeal test. Walk across the road from your home and then turn around to look at it. Find the colour that is most prevalent that cannot be changed. For example the blue flex on the roof or the red veins in the yellow brick. This will help you in determining a colour scheme that will take these unchangeable shades into account. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box when it comes to colour. You want to accent the architectural character and charm of your home with contrasting colours. Start with your entryway.

Exterior colour trends don’t change very fast for most neighbourhoods. Checking the neighbours and surrounding area first might help you in finding colour choices that fit your home and your area. Canary yellow might bring the attention but it certainly would not gain you brownie points with the neighbours if all the homes around you sport a neutral blend.  You want to freshen the look and update it but you don’t want to stick up like a sore thumb either.

White is always a safe colour but you could experiment with few neutral shades and a small punch of colour to give your home the pizzazz that it needs. Avoid highlighting drab features such as the gutters or the air conditioning unit.  Your window trim and front door could be a great place to start.

exterior colour

Light colours will make your home seem larger and more inviting than dark ones. A home painted green would get lost in a heavily wooded lot and a bright colour one might seem too harsh where landscaping is sparse.

Decide on your colour scheme and what part of the architecture that you will emphasize before you get started. Try sample testing a small amount of your home that is less visible before you embark full throttle. With newer homes having mainly brick and vinyl siding you might not be able to paint too much so pick the right accent.

A few well-chosen colours could be all that is needed to make your home a  dream come true and the envy of the neighbourhood.

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