Landscaping to Sell Your Home

Posted: July 22, 2014 in Buyers, General Information, Home Reno's & Decor, Sellers
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Landscaping to Sell Your Home


You hear it all the time “Curb Appeal”. Your home must have “Curb Appeal” if you want to sell. Where do you even start? Can I suggest across the road. Yes, you read it right. Stand across the road from your home and look at it. That will be your first observation. Now look at it from a buyer’s point of view. Does it look fresh and inviting? Or is it looking old and tired without too much attraction to make you want to see the inside? Next take a look around at your neighbours homes. Would a buyer want to look at their home instead of  yours?

Now you have an idea of what is an eye sore and where you could improve. If you have budgeted for a professional landscaper that’s great as they can help you to make the right choices but if your budget is limited you can still come up with some serious landscape gems that will give your home the lift it needs.

Start with the trees as these take longer to mature. If you have a newer home with little landscaping done it’s probably easier as you can purchase the correct tree and place them at the right place. Too many people crowd the trees close to the home which might look good when the tree is young but in 5 to 10 years from now you could have a major root issue in your foundation or plumbing. Do your homework either online or visit your local nursery and ask the questions. You might even want to draw a rough plan of your home and property pointing out where the sun rises and sets so they will get a better idea as to what would grow best. If you have older trees on your property check to see that are healthy with no dead branches. Trees are not meant to grow in the fences so if you have old, old trees that infringe on any part of your home, you might want to consider getting them removed. A mature tree can have an appraised value between $1,000 and $10,000. Do use a professional for this and especially for large tall trees. The last thing you want is a branch of your tree in your neighbour’s roof.  It’s ok to replace an old tree with a younger one. The same would apply to the bushes. If the thing is 40 years old and shabby looking then get rid of it. Sometimes we see bushes that have overtaken the front stairs because they are so old and have not been trimmed properly.

Another landscaping issue would be the driveway. Whatever the paving material make sure that it looks clean and if there’s any cracks or grass growing in between the stone or cement get that cleaned up.

Next would be the grass. It should go without saying that it should be nicely trimmed but not too short especially in the summer as it will dry up and burn. With the water restrictions imposed by most cities you want to make sure that the grass is long enough to retain some moisture therefore staying green longer. If weeds are an issue check online for homemade people and pet friendly solutions which are very effective or get the help of a lawn specialist. Trimming around the edges of the lawn and walkways can seem like a tedious job but the visual impact is powerful. All that is required is a bit of stamina and endurance to do the work.

Finally, choose your smaller plantings carefully. You know that less is always best.  Again check on-line or with your nursery professional for ideas and groupings that will give new life to the house. Depending on the exposure you could have an area with perennial and another with a few seasonal for a splash of colour. Keep the elves and the gnomes out of the front garden (and the back for that matter) until  your house is sold. You might like them but most buyers do not.

So now you might be asking why you should spend so much time or any money on landscaping? Here it is: Landscaping can add as much as 14%  (you do the math) to your home’s resale value and sell faster too.  Properly placed trees and plants can also lower your home heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%.  Those are pretty good reasons, I would say, to consider landscaping a key issue to the sale of a home.

If you would like an objective opinion value of your home and some landscaping pointers give me a call.

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