Extend the Life of Your Roof

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Home Reno's & Decor, Videos
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Who doesn’t like to save money? As a home owner I certainly look where I can to minimize my expenses without compromising quality. When it comes to roofs the old adage stands true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. First start by choosing better quality shingles which will add minimal extra cost if you are already planning on changing your roof. Understand that the biggest part of overall roofing costs isn’t the shingles themselves but rather the removing, disposing and re-installation. So shop around and compare.

Secondly, extend the period between re-shingling jobs which is by far the most profitable roof management strategy you can apply. A cost saving approach to roof maintenance is the use of Elastomeric Roof Coating which is a Canadian made product by Quebec-based Techni-Seal. It is part of a two-part cost-saving approach to roof management that can save you hundreds of dollars while also reducing some strain on landfill sites.

Elastomeric is applied over tired shingles to extend their working life. It also comes in six colours plus a clear and it rolls on like thick paint. And when you apply at least two coats you get a seven-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Like a liquid balloon substance it stabilizes surface granules on the shingles, while sealing shingles down that have begun to curl upwards. As the product is formulated to be micro-porous it allows water vapour to escace upward during dry season and yet is water repellent. The coating does not peel but slowly wears off as it ages so there is no chance of clogging eavestrough.

Successful home maintenance is really about attending to the details, and this fact applies to roof surfaces, too. Even on an area typically turned entirely over to the professionals, diligence and care puts savings in your pocket.

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