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Who doesn’t like to save money? As a home owner I certainly look where I can to minimize my expenses without compromising quality. When it comes to roofs the old adage stands true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. First start by choosing better quality shingles which will add minimal extra cost if you are already planning on changing your roof. Understand that the biggest part of overall roofing costs isn’t the shingles themselves but rather the removing, disposing and re-installation. So shop around and compare.

Secondly, extend the period between re-shingling jobs which is by far the most profitable roof management strategy you can apply. A cost saving approach to roof maintenance is the use of Elastomeric Roof Coating which is a Canadian made product by Quebec-based Techni-Seal. It is part of a two-part cost-saving approach to roof management that can save you hundreds of dollars while also reducing some strain on landfill sites.

Elastomeric is applied over tired shingles to extend their working life. It also comes in six colours plus a clear and it rolls on like thick paint. And when you apply at least two coats you get a seven-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Like a liquid balloon substance it stabilizes surface granules on the shingles, while sealing shingles down that have begun to curl upwards. As the product is formulated to be micro-porous it allows water vapour to escace upward during dry season and yet is water repellent. The coating does not peel but slowly wears off as it ages so there is no chance of clogging eavestrough.

Successful home maintenance is really about attending to the details, and this fact applies to roof surfaces, too. Even on an area typically turned entirely over to the professionals, diligence and care puts savings in your pocket.

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It’s that time of year when many folks decide to sell their homes and having an Open House is most likely part of the agent’s marketing plan to attract buyers and a sale of the home. But not every one attending Open House has the intention of buying a home. Find out how to protect yourself and your belongings during an Open House. This video will show you how.



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More and more builders and home owners choose to ad technological upgrades and enhancements especially when it comes to updating kitchens and bathrooms or home automation and security features. Here are some of the newest advancements in the realm of home automation and wireless security systems that you might encounter or want to  look into.

Efficiency Engineers & Safety Savers

The majority of the mainstream home automation tools address making the home more energy efficient. Here’s one of the top sellers.

The Nest Learning Thermostat


Perhaps the most user-friendly thermostat out there, the Nest Learning Thermostat is a great find in a property for sale. The list of positive attributes is impressive and boasts things like:

  • Easy interface: The system advises you of the most energy-efficient settings, tracks your usage, learns your preferences and self-optimizes whether you are home or away
  • Full wireless capability: You can access the system and change the temperature from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or laptop

Cons: If the property comes equipped with it, the most notable drawback is not even actually a ‘con’ although it could be construed as a missed opportunity to maximize the Nest’s learning potential. Basically, if you  work from home or have consistent occupancy throughout the day and night, the ‘away’ function may not be as money/energy saving as it could be. But again, that’s a pretty reasonable negative in the grand scheme of things.

If the home is not equipped with it this could be a great investment(about $250) especially in an older home as it could save enough money to pay for itself in the long run.

When it comes to a different type of savings, homes already equipped with a wireless security system are one step closer to saving the lives and/or belongings of its future owners.

Mace Wireless Home Security System

For general home security, this system by Mace comes in at under $100 for the basic kit.

Pros include features like:

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Motion detection that activates an alarm
  • Calls up to 5 numbers that you program into the system
  • Expandable by an additional 14 wireless sensors (the basic kit comes with one main control unit, one door/window sensor, one motion detector sensor and a remote control with panic button)
  • Self-monitoring, which eliminates monthly fees from an outside company

Cons to consider:

  • No wireless security cameras: If you need to keep a literal eye on the place, this is not the system for you
  • Requires land line: One of the benefits of the wireless world is the ability to forgo the land line if one desires but not so with this system.

The Lockitron Keyless Entry Access

Another great technological tool is the Lockitron, keyless entry using your mobile phone. Check out the video to see its cool application. This one is still under launching trials but once they get the bugs out it will be a very useful item.

There are so many other new techie devices to make your home more comfortable.

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Here’s the final in the serie of Re/Max video asking where you would like to live. The city or suburbs?

Whether you are looking for a quiet area or closer to the action I can help you find the right pad for you.

Here’s a couple of properties that are available to rent:

978 Winterhalt Cambridge On

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The main floor of this bungalow is available for rent for $1425/mth inclusive of utilities which makes it easy to budget. Newly renovated it has three bedrooms and one bath. The owners live in the basement unit and are looking for mature and quiet tenants. This is a non-smoking and pet-free home. It is close to amenities and easy access to 401. You can view a visual tour open house 24/7 at

1715 Cedar Creek, Cambridge ON

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This property is for the country lover. Just steps from the city it is part of Barrie Manor and the owners live next door. Perfect for the small family or couples. Renting for $1500/mth plus utilities (propane & hydro). Featuring 1730 sq.ft. 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bath. Lots of hardwood, laundry on second floor, lots of character. The owners of this pet free non smoking home would also be interested in having a good quality handyman take residence and help out around the farm, for a price. See visual tour open house 24/7 at


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If Hespeler Real Estate in Cambridge or  KW Real Estate is what you are interested in then finding the right neighbourhood can be quite a chore.

I love making lists so this is where I would begin with a list of the must have. Are you dependent on public transportations to get to work? Being on the bus route or near it would then be a great asset. I invite you to think outside the box though. You might not need public transportation now but how about your kids? Even if they are small now ask yourself if they might need buses to get to school or work as they enter into teen years. The important part here is not only to think in terms of immediate needs but to try to forcast to some extent 5, 10 even 15 years down the road. Look at the family as a whole and consider where each one might be in that period of time. Your six year old might not be in your mind when you are thinking transportation right now but give him 10 years and at 16 he’ll be wanting the car to get to work.

What about amenities like grocery stores, drugstores for all your medical needs, gym that is within the route of work and home? All of these can play a role in deciding where you would want to settle.

Hespeler Real EstateWhether you are looking to move to Cambridge and are considering Hespeler Real Estate or Chicopee Real Estate in KW you can be assure that I can help you find just the right location to grow your roots and offsprings. Give me a call now or better yet fill in the information by clicking on the link below and get the ball rolling right now towards your dream home.



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