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The Cambridge Market Snapshot compares September 2014 to September 2013 Real Estate activity for Cambridge Ontario and also a five year comparison on the number of homes listed and sold and average price of list and average price of sold. All information refers only to single detached homes for the five listed area.

Cambridge Market Snapshot


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Cambridge market barometer September 2014


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Clean Home

It simply makes sense to clean up both the interior and exterior of your home before listing it for sale. But that doesn’t mean you have to undertake major home renovation projects in order to sell your home. With a little effort you can increase the perceived value of your home by a great margin.
Here are some simple things to keep in mind that you can do to increase the perceived value of your home and make the perfect first impression.
Exterior of Home

  • Keep lawns cut
  • Trim hedges and bushes
  • Weed and edge gardens
  • Clear driveway and clean stains
  • Clean out garage
  • Power wash home exterior
  • Touch up paint
  • Plant colorful flowers


At The Front Door

  • Clean porch and foyer
  • Ensure doorbell works
  • Repair any broken screens
  • Fresh paint or varnish front door
  • Repair any damages to the door and/or locks


Setting the Right Mood

  • Make sure your home smells fresh and clean
  • Turn on lights
  • Turn on air conditioner/heater
  • Open the drapes
  • Light the fireplace


Maximize Open Space

  • Clear halls and stairs of clutter
  • Clear kitchen counter and stove top
  • Clear closets of unnecessary items
  • Remove empty boxes and storage
  • Put away personal photos so buyers can envision the house as theirs



  • Repair leaking taps and toilets
  • Clean furnace and filters
  • Tighten door knobs and latches
  • Repair cracked plaster
  • Apply fresh coat of paint or touch up where necessary
  • Clean and repair windows
  • Repair seals around tubs and basins
  • Replace defective light bulbs
  • Oil squeaking doors
  • Repair squeaking floor boards


Squeaky Clean

  • Clean and freshen bathrooms
  • Clean fridge and stove
  • Clean around heating vents
  • Clean washer and dryer
  • Clean carpets, drapes and window blinds
  • Eliminate pet odors and stains



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Summer came and left just like that! August market was slower for the Cambridge area but September is starting out like a lion. We’ll have to wait and see  how it all unfurl.

Here are the results for August:

Cambridge Market Barometer for  August


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Buying a resale condo is similar to buying a house but there are a few differences that you should be aware of if this is what you are planning.

Is condo living for you?
Condo living can require more give and take than a house as they might have rules regarding pets, noise, even window treatment and balcony furniture. You will want to consider that before launching into condo hunt.

The status certificate
Finding out about the condo corporation is most important and a status certificate will include such critical information. When you make an offer on a condo, it should be conditional on a review by your attorney of the status certificate. The certificate will cost you about $100 but is well worth it. Some of the key points that you will find in a status certificate include but are not limited to:

  • By-laws and rules~unlike apartments if the condo by-laws state that pets are not allowed then they are not. Make sure that you can live with the condo’s rules.
  • Financial records for the condo corporation~including most recent budget and the reserve fund. If costly repairs are required in the near future could require a steep increase in condo fees if there is insufficient cash in the reserve fund.
  • Utilities~some condos have their own hydro and water meters others share the cost equally or are included in the condo fee. You will want to know this to better budget.
  • Rental Status~you will want to know if there are other units that are rented. The corporation keeps a tally and includes the figure as part of the status certificate.
  • Parking Details~parking spaces can be owned or could be common element owned by the condo corporation and assigned to you

Ultimately when you buy into a condo, you are also choosing your community. It’s a big commitment, so take the time to find a place that suits your personal needs.



688 Preston Pkwy

302-688 Preston Parkway Cambridge ON


$229,900 ~ Great central location is 5 minutes to 401 and close to amenities. Close to nature trails. This large condo has 2 bedrooms 2 bath and 1390 sq. ft. It is located in a smaller building with 40 units which is geared to seniors. Nice open main living area has great features which include oak cabinets in kitchen, ceramic flooring in the kitchen, foyer and baths, in-suite laundry, whirlpool tub, super large master bedroom – 2 bedrooms were converted – could be converted back to 3 bedrooms. Storage area has water softener and water heater. A good size balcony surrounded by greenery is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

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Living Room

Living Room

Who doesn’t like to save money? As a home owner I certainly look where I can to minimize my expenses without compromising quality. When it comes to roofs the old adage stands true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. First start by choosing better quality shingles which will add minimal extra cost if you are already planning on changing your roof. Understand that the biggest part of overall roofing costs isn’t the shingles themselves but rather the removing, disposing and re-installation. So shop around and compare.

Secondly, extend the period between re-shingling jobs which is by far the most profitable roof management strategy you can apply. A cost saving approach to roof maintenance is the use of Elastomeric Roof Coating which is a Canadian made product by Quebec-based Techni-Seal. It is part of a two-part cost-saving approach to roof management that can save you hundreds of dollars while also reducing some strain on landfill sites.

Elastomeric is applied over tired shingles to extend their working life. It also comes in six colours plus a clear and it rolls on like thick paint. And when you apply at least two coats you get a seven-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Like a liquid balloon substance it stabilizes surface granules on the shingles, while sealing shingles down that have begun to curl upwards. As the product is formulated to be micro-porous it allows water vapour to escace upward during dry season and yet is water repellent. The coating does not peel but slowly wears off as it ages so there is no chance of clogging eavestrough.

Successful home maintenance is really about attending to the details, and this fact applies to roof surfaces, too. Even on an area typically turned entirely over to the professionals, diligence and care puts savings in your pocket.

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A little late bringing this out this month but with vacations and BBQ and all the summer fun and frolic we figured most of you are at the cottage or away visiting anyhow. If you are thinking of selling your home before the end of the year now is a good time to get started. Find out what your home is worth HERE!

Cambridge Market Snapshot July 2014