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What is RenoMark?

RenomarkRenoMark is the renovator’s mark of excellence – a national brand that has been growing exponentially since it’s development in 2001, now in more than 40 local markets in 9 provinces – coast to coast.

The RenoMark symbol identifies those renovation contractors who have agreed to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association code of ethics as well as a renovation specific code of conduct, who provide warranties and liability insurance, who understand the value of customer service during and following projects, and who are constantly exposed to information on current trends, the latest materials and new regulations.

The RenoMark program was developed to provide homeowners with a benchmark to evaluate professional standards of renovation, bring credibility to member renovators within the industry and provide a website for homeowners renovation needs.

The website is a consumer based site that allows homeowners to search for RenoMark renovator members in their local region.  The website also features information about searching for reputable renovators, how to hire a contractor, etc.

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