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Cambridge market barometer September 2014


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It’s that time of year when many folks decide to sell their homes and having an Open House is most likely part of the agent’s marketing plan to attract buyers and a sale of the home. But not every one attending Open House has the intention of buying a home. Find out how to protect yourself and your belongings during an Open House. This video will show you how.



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Buying a home requires knowledge and we are here to help you in the process. When you hire a Realtor you have the best representation to help you find your dream home and to help you negotiate the best deal for your wallet. Your interests are the Realtor’s prime concerns. How will he stay in business or get new clients if he does not give you top service? What will he do to get you the best deal and how can you prepare to avoid any mistakes that buyers often overlook but alas too late? Here are some of the major steps to home buying:

Get Mortgage Pre-Approved

One of the most important steps into home buying is finding what you can afford to buy. When you get Mortgage pre-approved you will also know how much you can afford to pay for a home and it will help greatly in choosing the right home. Most Mortgage lender will guarantee you a rate for a particular length of time making it easier to search for your home without the stress of having to make a rush decision. It will also give you dealing power because the sellers will take your offer more seriously knowing that you are pre-approved.

Get the Right House

We put every home buyer under the magnifying glass sort of speak to find out what client’s needs are. We have developed a “Buyer’s Wish List” to help buyers sort out the needs versus the wants. Once you are equipped with the List you are better able to focus on finding the home that meets your criteria and you are less susceptible to play the emotional roulette.

Placing an Offer

Deciding to place an offer requires some homework that your Realtor will be more than happy to do. He will find out what other comparable homes in the area sold for and whether this home is overpriced for the market. This will give you negotiating power if you want to pursue the offer. You don’t want to pay too much for a home and by the same token if you have found the right house you want to be able to beat out the competition by knowing how far you should go in a multiple offer. You want to make the best business decision for you and keeping the emotional entanglements away will save you money and heart aches.

Documents Accuracy

Part of the offer should include title search and survey of the property to make sure that you are getting everything that is listed without any infringements. The title search will advise whether the seller has the right to sell that property and whether there are any encumbrances such as liens, easement, mortgages or property line issues that would prevent the buyer from taking full possession.

Helping Buyers find not just a house but the right house is what we do. Once our buyers are equipped with the knowledge to make the right choice they are on their way to purchasing their dream home.

April2014 Cambridge market snapshot

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Here are the March numbers for the Cambridge Real Estate Market. As spring ever so slowly takes place over winter, we see the number of listings on the rise compared to last month. Price of homes slightly higher by about 2%. The number of sold homes has also increased but the price of sold homes is slightly down from last month. Don’t miss our future post by the end of the week comparing five years for the Month of March which will give us a better picture for this time of the year.


Market Barometer for March 2014


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Ottawa – The Bank of Canada today announced that it is maintaining its target for the overnight rate at 1 per cent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 1 1/4 per cent and the deposit rate is 3/4 per cent.

The global economy is expanding at a modest rate, as the Bank expected. Although growth in several emerging markets has continued to ease, growth in the United States during the third quarter of 2013 was stronger than forecast. Even if some of this pickup was due to temporary factors, the data are consistent with the Bank’s view of gathering momentum in the U.S. economy.

In Canada, underlying growth is broadly in line with the Bank’s projections in its October and July Monetary Policy Reports. Real GDP growth in the third quarter, at 2.7 per cent, was stronger than the Bank was projecting, but its composition does not yet indicate a rebalancing towards exports and investment. The housing sector has been stronger than expected but is consistent with updated demographic data and a pulling forward of home purchases in light of favourable financing conditions. The Bank continues to expect a soft landing in the housing market. Non-commodity exports continue to disappoint and the price of oil produced in Canada has eased further. Business investment spending is up from previous low levels, but is still recovering more slowly than anticipated. On balance, the Bank sees no reason to adjust its expectation of a gradual return to full production capacity around the end of 2015.

Meanwhile, inflation has moved further below the Bank’s 2 per cent target. Core inflation is being held down by significant excess supply and by the effects of heightened competition in the retail sector, which look to be more persistent than anticipated. In addition, total CPI inflation has been pushed down by lower gasoline prices.

The risks associated with elevated household imbalances have not materially changed, while the downside risks to inflation appear to be greater. Overall, the balance of risks remains within the zone articulated in October. Weighing these considerations, the Bank judges that the substantial monetary policy stimulus currently in place remains appropriate and therefore has decided to maintain the target for the overnight rate at 1 per cent.

(Source:Bank of Canada Press Release-Ottawa December 4th, 2013)

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So, you decided to buy a home but where do you start? You’re smart and figure that you can do this on your own with very little help. So you call an agent or two or three and ask them to send you listings of homes based on what you think you and your family needs. Well done! By the next day you have 365 redundant emails of homes that are nothing like what you were thinking and many of them are duplicates. So many agents will do just that…set you up to receive listings! But what do they know about you, your needs now, your wants, your needs five years from now, ten years from now? Even your thoughts about a home could be slightly warped by an unrealistic view. (This is not HGTV you know).

Let me ask you the million dollar question? Would you take your own appendix out? Would you hire a doctor who is handy with a scalpel but doesn’t do initial assessments? That could be dangerous. Wouldn’t you say? As silly as these sounds many folks do exactly that. They throw themselves out there and hope that something miraculous comes up for them.

Here’s the next million dollar question. What would you prefer, a taxi ride to work or a limo ride? If money was no object would you take the train or first class ticket to your travel destination? Hot dog or filet mignon? Cleaning out the fridge and stove or a day at the spa? These are silly too, I know but that is exactly what many people do. They lower their standards in hope of finding their dream home at a bargain price.

Here’s where choosing the right agent can make not only a difference in looking for a home but on the ride to that home purchase. I did say that you were smart right? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the agent working for you – and not against you- is working for your own interest? Remember now, he doesn’t get paid if you don’t buy. And if you do buy he gets paid by the seller. How cool is that? It’s like having your own personal chauffeur but with a twist. This chauffeur knows the roads better than you. He’s been there before and he will first try to get to know you and your family. Understanding you will give him insights about what is relevant and important for your life now and future. 

Going back to the emailed listings that you have received, you might overlook some great homes because of the horrible photos and we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. The right agent will know that.

What about homes that are not even listed yet? How will you know about them? The right agent will also know that.

You see, the right agent is really a second pair of experienced eyes.

If you are looking to buy a home you need to sit down with a qualified, experienced agent to share more about your plans, and to have discussions about what’s important to you. Your agent will discuss with you all the hidden costs, the steps to take, and set up a proper search for homes that will save you time and money. You will need to see a minimum of 5 to 6 properties before making the decision to buy one because that’s how you learn to understand the value of the homes.  Finally you will be able to buy the right home with confidence because you will have examined all your options. Remember, It doesn’t cost you more to take the limo as it does the cab.

Just like a home, a good home buying experience depends on a strong foundation.  The right professional agent will make that happen.

 So Please… find an experienced professional who wants to sit down and listen to you, and to explain everything about the process, so there are no surprises.

You will be safer, and you will save so much time and heartache, and money.