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So, you decided to buy a home but where do you start? You’re smart and figure that you can do this on your own with very little help. So you call an agent or two or three and ask them to send you listings of homes based on what you think you and your family needs. Well done! By the next day you have 365 redundant emails of homes that are nothing like what you were thinking and many of them are duplicates. So many agents will do just that…set you up to receive listings! But what do they know about you, your needs now, your wants, your needs five years from now, ten years from now? Even your thoughts about a home could be slightly warped by an unrealistic view. (This is not HGTV you know).

Let me ask you the million dollar question? Would you take your own appendix out? Would you hire a doctor who is handy with a scalpel but doesn’t do initial assessments? That could be dangerous. Wouldn’t you say? As silly as these sounds many folks do exactly that. They throw themselves out there and hope that something miraculous comes up for them.

Here’s the next million dollar question. What would you prefer, a taxi ride to work or a limo ride? If money was no object would you take the train or first class ticket to your travel destination? Hot dog or filet mignon? Cleaning out the fridge and stove or a day at the spa? These are silly too, I know but that is exactly what many people do. They lower their standards in hope of finding their dream home at a bargain price.

Here’s where choosing the right agent can make not only a difference in looking for a home but on the ride to that home purchase. I did say that you were smart right? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the agent working for you – and not against you- is working for your own interest? Remember now, he doesn’t get paid if you don’t buy. And if you do buy he gets paid by the seller. How cool is that? It’s like having your own personal chauffeur but with a twist. This chauffeur knows the roads better than you. He’s been there before and he will first try to get to know you and your family. Understanding you will give him insights about what is relevant and important for your life now and future. 

Going back to the emailed listings that you have received, you might overlook some great homes because of the horrible photos and we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. The right agent will know that.

What about homes that are not even listed yet? How will you know about them? The right agent will also know that.

You see, the right agent is really a second pair of experienced eyes.

If you are looking to buy a home you need to sit down with a qualified, experienced agent to share more about your plans, and to have discussions about what’s important to you. Your agent will discuss with you all the hidden costs, the steps to take, and set up a proper search for homes that will save you time and money. You will need to see a minimum of 5 to 6 properties before making the decision to buy one because that’s how you learn to understand the value of the homes.  Finally you will be able to buy the right home with confidence because you will have examined all your options. Remember, It doesn’t cost you more to take the limo as it does the cab.

Just like a home, a good home buying experience depends on a strong foundation.  The right professional agent will make that happen.

 So Please… find an experienced professional who wants to sit down and listen to you, and to explain everything about the process, so there are no surprises.

You will be safer, and you will save so much time and heartache, and money.