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The Cambridge Market Snapshot compares September 2014 to September 2013 Real Estate activity for Cambridge Ontario and also a five year comparison on the number of homes listed and sold and average price of list and average price of sold. All information refers only to single detached homes for the five listed area.

Cambridge Market Snapshot


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Cambridge market barometer September 2014


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Summer came and left just like that! August market was slower for the Cambridge area but September is starting out like a lion. We’ll have to wait and see  how it all unfurl.

Here are the results for August:

Cambridge Market Barometer for  August


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Cambridge Market Snapshot July 2014


April2014 Cambridge market snapshot

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It’s worth the effort to do your homework when buying a home and it could save you time, stress and money. And who doesn’t want that? Here are some common buying mistakes to help you avoid making them too.

  • Mistake #1. Hire the First Salesperson You Meet
    Consider this as the first step to purchasing a home by hiring the right Realtor. Interview more than one and don’t be moved by the flash and fast talk. Get references and make sure that you feel comfortable with that person.
  • Mistake #2. Not Making Your Expectation Clear
    When you enter into a partnership with a Real Estate professional you must communicate together and make sure that you are mutually understanding what you are looking for in a home. What services the brokerage will be responsible for? What do you expect out of the services that you want them to provide and get it in writing.
  • Mistake #3. Failing to Read and Understand Forms and Contracts
    Don’t speed up the process by signing anything. You need to know what the fine prints are all about and the impact that they can have on you and your future plans. Make sure the forms are all filled out and that you get a copy once you sign.
  • Mistake #4. Allow Emotions to over take Common Sense
    Know what you can afford and stick with it. You will be glad you did down the road. Don’t forego a home inspection for the sake of winning a bidding war. Making your offer conditional on a home inspection is the smartest move to avoid possible costly problems that you may not notice. A trained qualified home inspector will know what to look for.
  • Mistake #5. Assume Everything is Included
    Don’t assume that the appliances are included in the sale of the home. Check for rented items also like the water softener or the water heater, gas or oil prices and delivery. Be sure to know what is covered in the rental contracts and how long it is for. The best way to protect yourself is to detail all the items or chattels that you expect to be included in your offer. If there is something that you see and that you would like the owners to consider leaving just include it in the chattels. They can then consider the offer and leave it for you if they don’t want to move it. This is especially true to large items like a pool table or a hot tub. They might try to negotiate on the price though so be aware of that.
  • Mistake #6. Forgetting About What Lies Within the Walls
    The fancy finishing touches might be nice but the insulation, wiring and plumbing are just as important when you are buying a home. You may want to talk to your Realtor about the age of the home and improvements that have been done. Maybe they upgraded the plumbing and insulation. You will want to know this.
  • Mistake #7. Forgetting About What Lies Outside the Walls
    Whether you are buying your first or tenth home you will want to consider the community in which you are planning to move. You may want to visit at different times of the day or the week  to see if it meets your lifestyle and your needs now and future.  Explore the neighbourhood and area to get a feel for it. Walk down rather than drive down the street as you will get a better sense for the neighbourhood.
  • Mistake #8. Making Verbal Agreements
    Putting everything in writing will force both parties to be clear about their expectation and provide a record that can prevent misunderstanding later on.
  • Mistake #9. Underestimate Closing Costs
    Beside the price of the home you should expect to pay closing costs which could include land transfer tax, home inspection, taxes that have been prepaid by the seller, lawyer’s fee to name a few. Ask your knowledgeable Realtor who will be able to give you more details and to address specific issues. You might also want to do some repainting or new window covering or get new appliances – to make the home feel more like home.

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Here are the March numbers for the Cambridge Real Estate Market. As spring ever so slowly takes place over winter, we see the number of listings on the rise compared to last month. Price of homes slightly higher by about 2%. The number of sold homes has also increased but the price of sold homes is slightly down from last month. Don’t miss our future post by the end of the week comparing five years for the Month of March which will give us a better picture for this time of the year.


Market Barometer for March 2014


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