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What is RenoMark?

RenomarkRenoMark is the renovator’s mark of excellence – a national brand that has been growing exponentially since it’s development in 2001, now in more than 40 local markets in 9 provinces – coast to coast.

The RenoMark symbol identifies those renovation contractors who have agreed to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association code of ethics as well as a renovation specific code of conduct, who provide warranties and liability insurance, who understand the value of customer service during and following projects, and who are constantly exposed to information on current trends, the latest materials and new regulations.

The RenoMark program was developed to provide homeowners with a benchmark to evaluate professional standards of renovation, bring credibility to member renovators within the industry and provide a website for homeowners renovation needs.

The website is a consumer based site that allows homeowners to search for RenoMark renovator members in their local region.  The website also features information about searching for reputable renovators, how to hire a contractor, etc.

Do you know which renovation will bring you a higher resale value? Call me before you start the renovations.



Home renovationsAccording to a recent CIBC poll across the country more Canadians are planning on home renovations than ever before. In previous polls debt reduction had been at the top on the minds of Canadians but this recent poll shows a shift in that opinion. The average expected cost is about $15,000 with folks between the ages of 45-54 to spend about $3,000 more than the national average. 

Regionally in Ontario about 40% of homeowners plan to renovate within the next twelve months and are looking to spend about $13,000 for home renovations.

Part of Dale Dyer’s Real Estate Marketing involves consulting potential sellers as to which home renovation will add value to their homes before they start the work. It’s not always what you think.

Before embarking on the reno wagon we strongly recommended that you do your homework. First financially, by planning your cost but also by adding a cushion to the budget for unplanned costs.  Nothing ruins a renovation like an unforseen cost to stop the work at hand. Planning being the most important part of your renovation we then suggest that you make your plans, review your plans, think out your plans well and make sure that it would include planning to increase your home value. Set your priorities and time line if you are planning on multiple renovations. Kitchens and bathrooms make good choices for a renovation because of the potential to add value to your home.

If you will be using a contractor to do the work get the quotes in writing before the work starts. Have a scope of the work that they will be doing and everything that is included. Be clear on what is not included before the work begins. Keep control of the finances by paying in controlled portions such as a deposit, cost of material and the balance after the job is completed to your satisfaction.

For more information on home renovations visit our website at and obtain a list of recommended contractors at  411Directory4Business.

More and more of us see the investment in our homes as one that needs to be maintained and upgraded on a fairly regular basis. But do you know what are the home improvements that can increase your investment and which ones are a definite money pit? Here’s a short list of the most popular ones:

Top Renos
In the list of top renos kitchen and bathrooms take the top of the list as the rooms that will add value when the renovations and upgrades are done. Remember the “Keep it simple” adage. Clean lines, neutral decor, upgraded accessories will net you more. The kitchen does not need to be fully gutted and redone to get more value. Your budget of course will decide what you are willing to spend in the process but also consider the value of homes in your neighbourhood. Adding a $100,000 master chef kitchen will not net you more in a mid range priced neighbourhood. Do your homework first. Not all kitchen floors need to be ceramic or hardwood. Shop around and compare products to see if a quality laminate would work or even the Congoleum’s DuraCeramic line which combines the look of a tile with the convenience and durability of sheet flooring. Keep in mind though that  most buyers prefer hardwood, stone, bamboo or cork over laminates and vinyl, as some types of laminates and vinyls look cheap and fake.

Grand Hotel Look
Give the bathroom the grand hotel look by simply using white or cream towel sets, pretty soap and hand cream display, a clean but non intrusive candle or air freshener and maybe even new knobs to the cabinets. Sparkle clean is the bathroom’s primary aim here over major renovations. Nothing turns off a buyer faster than a dirty and smelly bathroom.

Carpeting & Wallpaper
Wall-to-wall carpeting is now viewed as a liability by many home buyers especially when it comes to pets, allergies and easy cleaning routines. Wallpaper and over painting designs can also be a liability. Clean and neutral colours with small accent colours will be more enticing to buyers.

Toys & Over the Edge
When it comes to big price items such as hot tubs and theatre sound systems be aware that these might be attractive to some buyers but the majority sees them as energy guzzlers and gadgets. The same apply for over the edge appliances such as extra-large – almost commercial size stainless steel fridges or double dishwashers. The regular size stainless steel appliances might be worth an extra premium over the white and black appliances but not always.

Architecture & Landscape
On the architectural side, a renovation to change a three bedroom  into a two bedroom home will net you less money and the same apply for a swimming pool which will attract a specific buyer but they will not recoup on the extra cost. It will also limit the number of potential buyers interested in the purchase of  your home. For those buyers looking to buy a home with a pool, an inground pool is most preferred over an above ground pool but don’t go out of your way to have one installed if you don’t already have one as you will not recoup the cost.
Selling your home is a lot more than just putting a sign on the front yard. There needs to be ample preparation time and a marketing plan that works. Seller or Buyer…Call Dale Dyer for proven  innovative and high-tech marketing.